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Coastwood Karamea Barstool

Price: $405


Coastwood Furniture was established in 1997 by the Hill family in Greymouth, on the West Coast of New Zealand. They offer a full range of furniture, and take great pride in offering a 25 year guarantee on their furniture. They can also customise to your needs, so come and talk to us.

The Karamea barstool is made from strong Ash timber, to last a lifetime.

Available in any combination of: with or without padding, with or without back and seat height high or low.

Bespoke heights available on request.

Because Ash is a very light coloured timber, you can choose the stain colour of the finish to match your existing furniture.

The price shown is for the barstool covered in a $38 fabric (padded seat variants). You can have the barstool covered in your choice of any fabric or leather from our huge range to suit your décor.

Dimensions (cm)

Product Width Depth Height Low padded barstool - without back 35W 35D 51H High padded barstool - without back 35W 35D 70H Padded Barchair - with back 35W 35D 98H Low dish seat barstool - without back 35W 35D 46H High dish seat barstool - without back 35W 35D 65H Dish seat barchair - with back 35W 35D 98H

Tillmans Fine Furniture is very proud to sell only furniture of the highest quality.

We source our furniture exclusively from New Zealand based manufacturers who use only the highest quality components. Because your furniture is locally manufactured, this allows us to maintain high standards throughout our supply chain and quickly remedy any faults that might occur.

Here at Tillmans, you are covered not only by the Consumer Guarantees Act, but also by the Tillmans Quality Guarantee. This is our personal warranty above and beyond your existing rights. It details how you, as a valued Tillmans customer, can rectify any legitimate issue that might occur.


  • 10 year warranty on frames and workmanship
  • 10 year warranty on foam, webbing and springs
  • 5 year warranty on fabrics, leathers and mechanisms


  • 10 year warranty on hard furniture
  • 10 year warranty on workmanship


  • 10 year warranty on table and chair frames
  • 10 year warranty on workmanship
  • 5 year warranty on chair fabrics and leathers


  • 10 year warranty on hard furniture, bed and bases
  • 10 year warranty on workmanship



If you have a fault or problem with your Tillmans' furniture, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Due to the controls we have in place regarding quality, and the excellent quality standards of our manufacturers, we will even consider items outside of the above-mentioned warranty periods on a case-by-case basis. 

We will attempt to rectify the fault in the first instance. Due to our manufacturers being local, this will be done in a reasonable timeframe which will be agreed with you at the time.

If we are unable to rectify the fault, we will either replace the item or refund your purchase after discussion with you.



Proper care and usage is important for preserving your rights under this warranty.

Product misuse or abuse: We will ensure the furniture is suitable for any purpose you tell us about at the time of purchase. Please let us know at the time of purchase if your expected usage is outside what would be deemed to be 'normal'.

Commercial usage: This falls under product misuse unless it was discussed with us at the time of purchase. Exceptions to this case will be noted on your invoice.

Direct sunlight: If your item experiences excessive fading within 12 months of purchase, we will consider it on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the fabric wholesaler.

Clearance items: Items with identified flaws at the time of purchase are excluded from this warranty.


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