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New Zealand Made

All of Tillmans' manufacturers are based in New Zealand, and five of them are even based right here in Christchurch. Names you will know, such as Kovacs, Montreux and Davies, have all been part of our community for many decades. And with your support, they will be part of it for many decades to come.

More than just the best quality furniture, more than just the ability to customise your furniture to suit your home, and more than just more environmentally friendly furniture with less shipping around the world. Your Tillmans furniture supports highly skilled crafts-men and women in your local community. 

We have to admit that it works well for us too. Using local manufacturers means we can be sure of the quality of the products we sell. And if there were ever to be any problems, the manufacturer is just around the corner and can fix any problems quickly and easily, meaning happier customers. Nearly all of our business comes from repeat or referral customers.

Although some components necessarily come from overseas, most of our products are made with local, responsibly sourced timbers, and there is no need to ship your furniture half-way around the world. This leads to the environmental impact of your furniture being starkly reduced. 

Having your furniture made especially for you means you can change things to fit your desire and space. Most of our customers choose to customise their furniture in some way - great or small. And we can do this without long lead times due to the proximity of our manufacturers. 

We look forward to continuing this well-over-60-year tradition with you.

NZ made furniture