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We can make your favourite, but tired, furniture look like new. It is less expensive to recover a suite, than to buy new. So if you love the design and comfort of your sofa, but the fabric is tired, we can give it a new lease on life. If the foam/webbing/springs/frame have some issues, we can fix those too.  

Choose a covering from our large range of fabrics and have your favourite piece re-covered. Although it is possible to recover in leather, it is generally more expensive than buying new. However you can recover a leather piece of furniture in fabric instead to give it a new lease of life for a reasonable price. We can show you a large selection of fabrics that are easy to clean and hard wearing if the reason you like leather is the ease of care.

If the woodwork is also looking worse for wear, we can repolish it at the same time, to make it look like new again. Dents can usually be removed if desired. For colour, we can simply return it to its original colour, or we can change the colour to give it a new look. We can even match the colour to another piece of furniture.

We can even repair damaged or broken furniture. So if that beautiful chair that you inherited has an unfortunate accident, please talk to us about whether we can repair it and make it last another generation.

For recovering, we can usually calculate fabric quantities and price from photos of your furniture, making the process quick and easy. We can initially give an indicative quote for a mid-priced fabric, to give you an idea of whether recovering is a good option, before choosing the final fabric. Our quote will include pick-up and re-delivery of your furniture.